So, Who The Hell Is This Guy Anyway?

I’m a random Australian geek/maker/hacker/whatever the hell you want to call me.

In order to keep myself sane (well, sane-ish…) I basically do whatever is interesting me at any given time; but I suppose you’d say my “core competencies” are electronics, software development/reverse engineering, information security, forensics, systems/network admin. I also do wood and metal work, general engineering, chemistry, car stuff and I’m a halfway decent amateur tailor.

I’ve had this domain lying around for a while (i.e. years), decided it was probably about I actually did something with it, this was mainly catalysed by needing somewhere to stuff the bits and pieces I developed for the Ruxcon 2016 Hardware Hacking Village.

I’ve no idea how often I’ll actually bother to post anything here, but I suspect it’s going to come in fits and starts, initially I’ll post some stuff from the work I did at/for Ruxcon this year, but other than that it’s liable to be a matter of when I’m doing something that I think is sufficiently interesting/worth documenting and whether or not I have time to actually write it up.

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