Thanks to all who visited us at the Ruxcon 2016 HHV, hopefully you got some value out of my presentations and such (I’m sure you got value out of the other presenters at least).

I’ve uploaded new Gerbers/Drill file for the SimpleSolder kit to my Ruxcon 2016 HHV page, these have the assorted cock ups from the original design corrected, just in case anybody wants to go make their own.

I’ve also included a DigiKey basket link, though for one-off quantities you’re probably better off going elsewhere if you’re AU based.

The RuxBadge build instructions, firmware and firmware source are also up there, if you want to write your own firmware (or modify mine) you’ll need to get a hold of the appropriate STM32 Standard Peripheral Libraries and dump them in an appropriate place (if you attempt to make it before you do that it’ll bitch at you) but other than that it should be pretty straight forward, I think there’s a README in there which has some details about what’s what and build targets and such.

dnz was going to write a tutorial on how to load firmware onto the badge using the UART bootloader (but being a slack bastard he probably won’t remember), he’s also got a tutorial from 2015 covering how to do the same with BusPirate (though you’ll need to figure out the connections yourself) and perhaps how to find the flag in the badge firmware so keep an eye out on his site

When I get around to grabbing them off my burner lappy I’ll also throw the slide decks from my presentations up there.