A while back I saw the announcement of the Metasploitable 3 Community CTF come past on Twitter, signed up mainly for shits and giggles, didn’t expect to get much chance to do much on it, because day job, but figured it might be entertaining to poke at it occasionally over the course of the week.

Started a bit behind the curve (being that it was a US based contest and I’m in AU), but ended up doing pretty well none the less. Placed 10th out of a field of 500.

Metasploitable3 Community CTF Scoreboard

Metasploitable3 Community CTF Scoreboard

Thanks to everyone at Rapid7 for making the contest happen, it was an enjoyable way to spend some time here and there across a few days.

For anybody still struggling with the Joker, you’re probably overthinking it (I know I was), remember hackers are generally lazy ;)

Not sure if I’ll leave this as a permanent post or if I’ll just treat it as a placeholder for some “walkthrough” type stuff later, time will tell.