Only eight hours sleep across the weekend (gotta love insomnia…) but we’re done for another year.

I was pretty happy with the level of engagement we saw at the Hardware Hacking Village this year, catering to a group like that is always a bit tough.

You can find my slide deck, the badge and simple solder build docs and badge firmware at my Ruxcon 2017 HHV page.

We handed out 111 of the “Simple Solder” kits across the course of the weekend, so we were pretty much spot on with the 120 that we ordered for (Gotta say, really wasn’t expecting to go through that many of those kits, last year IIRC we only ran out of the 50 we’d bought in by about 11 on the Sunday.)

The badge was the real surprise, last year we only went through about 10 of the kits on Saturday and we ended up handing them out to anybody after we ran out of Simple Solder kits on Sunday. This year we blew through 30 badge kits in the first 3 hours the village was open, going to have to figure out how to get 50+ into the budget for next time.

A note for those people who spoke to me and asked if the designs were going to be put up online. I have good news and bad news, the bad news is; the gerbers will not be being put up online. The art on the badge this year was commissioned on the understanding that it would be used for a limited run, as such we can’t publish them. However, if you’re quick there is some good news; I do have several spare boards (I actually had them with me at the village but my brain was too fried on Sunday to think of offering them to you.) because at the last minute I panelised them two up which meant we could get 40 for what it would’ve cost us for 20. I’m happy to send one out to anyone in AU gratis, if you’re international and you really want one I can send one out but it may have to be at your cost. Hit me up via email ( if you’re after one.

The only real downer from the weekend was that two of the Bus Pirates that Ruxcon had generously provided for Dr Noise’s workshop walked out with delegates.

Thanks to everyone who attended, without you the conference wouldn’t happen. And a special thanks to Chris Spencer without whose insanely tireless work we wouldn’t have a con ;)

Over the coming weeks I’ll put up some posts around the badge flag and maybe some bits and pieces about the IoT CTF stuff, stay tuned.